A Prayer For Bilkis Bano

When will injustice be called to a halt?

the relaxed housekeeper

India celebrated 75 years of independence on August 15th 2022. And the eleven men convicted in the Bilkis Bano gang-rape case walked free that day.

I was horrified by this case as much as I was about the Nirbhaya gang rape case and I find it distressing to come across so many people who aren’t as concerned about Bilkis Bano as they were about Nirbhaya. Or who don’t know about it because the news channels they watch focus on other things. Or who wish to stay silent.

I write this post to make an appeal to all of you my readers, to pray for Bilkis Bano and her family. I ask all of you to keep them in your thoughts for a little while every day. Every moment you can give Bilkis Bano counts.

Many of you may not know much about this case, and I don’t follow it carefully…

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