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Personally addressed to each one of you.

Spark …. by Audrine Max

Awakening Imagination

each of us host
a number of
astounding potentialities
wrapped in this
tiny garment of physicality
within us lies the seeds
of the cosmos, stars,
universes, and galaxies
our very own divinity
why shy away, choosing
to be locked in a world
without paint and color
wanting to be
like everyone else
refusing to stand out
refusing to shine
being a master
at limiting the divine
intentionally blocking
its flow, believing you are
never good enough
so clever at playing the keys
of inferiority complex
trapped in resentment
and bitterness
keep on replaying in the mind
i am not like him
i am not like her
i am no genius
my craft is no better
but dear, how would you know
if you didn’t even show
that brave heart of yours
just answer that nudge
that call of the higher soul
you may be afraid, but-
trust, you are always…

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