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When freedom calls #poetry and #prose

When freedom calls – Evolution of a Woman painted by Jude Itakali

Until we know freedom, it is a scary place to be
For it is neither here nor there, but everywhere
She is born to freedom
It is all she has ever known
And where it goes, she will follow!

Upon a fledgling soul
play the colours of choice
that fade with adult noise
grey scripted ways

When freedom becomes home, it conscripts the human heart
You fall in love with it
But love is dangerous
It frees, yet also enslaves.

The girl would hold on to that blissful moment of unblemished choice
But the years would change her
In the bloom of youth, she would discover
that nature was the embodiment of freedom
Yet nature was endangered
And so began her metamorphosis.

mistress of the wild
nature calls you to defend
her crown weighs heavy

Upon a flaming head
was sat a twisted crown
and ńeath her rubied gown-

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