Venus Damaged

I expect disagreement on this post, as this may lie outside the belief system of many. Read it as fiction if you do not believe in planets or astrology.

Garima Srivastav is a Fiery Female who appears elsewhere on this platform. She is a lawyer, astrologer and manufacturer of organic skincare and haircare products.

She shared these insights on planet Venus with me, and I reproduce the same here.

Venus is the planet of love, beauty, liquid money and prosperity. In most charts, Venus sits either very close to Sun or conjunct Sun so for most of us love, quite literally, proves to be an ordeal by fire 🔥. Sun burns the significations of Venus depending on their proximity in a chart, and in fact Sun gets debilitated in the Venusian sign of Libra.

Venus represents the female energy in our lives but above all Venus represents our DNA. Whenever Venus gets damaged in our chart, it indicates wrongs committed by our forefathers (Sun) towards women (Venus). Such misdeeds of our ancestors get established as curses in the charts of succeeding generations as Venus also rules DNA.

Consequently, many men and women find it difficult to get married or sustain marital bliss or even sustain romantic relationships for no fault of theirs. A damaged Venus also obstructs child birth.

These are the surest ways to spoil not only your own Venus but of the succeeding generations as well:

  • Pulling down other women
  • Judging and shaming a woman for her age, appearance, social class
  • Assassinating a woman’s character
  • Being overly critical of people
  • Abusing and violating women (as a lot of men and even some women do)
  • Flaunting wealth and material possessions
  • Looking down upon poor people
  • Hoarding clothes, cars, material possessions

To improve one’s Venus in the chart one can do the following:

  • Stand up for women who need support
  • Help the girl child in whichever way you can
  • Start appreciating more and criticising less
  • Donate money to poor women or girl children specially those in orphanages
  • Do not hoard material possessions
  • Donate books, stationary to poor children studying in government (Sun) institutions. Venus exalts in the sign of Pisces, the sign of relinquishment and of letting go.
  • Above all, raise your voice against misuse of authority (Sun) whether inside the family or outside
  • Do not abuse your authority (Sun) whether in the family or outside of it.
  • Avoid harsh, abusive speech (unless absolutely necessary 😃)

Moving beyond belief or astrology or personal issues, I see no harm in following the prescribed course of action. It works for the larger good.

Contribute your mite to the welfare of women in small measures, if you find it cumbersome to be part of an ideology or movement.

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