Connecting Years

The memories connect the past and the present. Its an entire story, each life. Sometimes the paragraphs are years ongoing, and suddenly the last words are written. Time and life can seem long but there is a connector between the beginning and end. The connector joins each year seamlessly together, and therein lies our memories.

Let me Connect the years…

When I was six, my world seemed vast

The swing was how I travelled fast.

At ten and twelve I was ready to live my dreams

Believing that my life would be all I wanted it to be.

Then when sixteen came around, I left home in a rush

My time here on earth was a card game holding a straight flush.

Well soon enough came eighteen, with a baby on the way

Life had many challenges I was preparing to slay.

At twenty had two sons, and wishful dreams of ever after,

Five years later those dreams were a disaster!

The struggle was real, then I turned twenty-eight,

My daughter was brewing, a beautiful baby on the way.

Finally, thirty came, and I struggled some more,

But had even more dreams in transit, and my house at thirty-four.

Thirty-six was the year I struck out with some risks

Forty-three came around, and everything was a near miss.

The business did well, until it did not,

My health took a dive,

The story just never stops.

Fifty -two is my year, at least it looks that way to me

With a lot of experience and its time for my happy!

Everyone is much older, but the connector is there

The memories in my story,

Move from my head.

If your life gives you lemons,

Make some juice and drink it quick

There’s no time to lay awaiting

For the memories to be made!

Author: dwordslayer

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Published by Fiery Females

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