Writing Chapters 1-14 has been a breeze, because so much of it came from experience. The stories came from people like you and me. Many of you will feel as if you’ve known some of these characters.

We come to the final and fifteenth chapter now, and I feel a twang of pain slicing me apart.

We are born to be Queens, but are not born Queens.

We cannot wait for somebody else to coronate us. Maybe our fathers are the only people who treat us like a princess. Maybe a few more, but not the whole world. Some may not have had that encouraging father figure too.

Do we really need the whole world?

Is it enough to be the Queen of our life, the small world we inhabit?

Being a Queen may mean lording it over others for some people.

It may means ruling over hearts that have a special place for you.

It may just mean not being driven to do things, or having no interference in your life.


Women in the First World or developed world appear to have got a better deal. They hold positions of power, marry and divorce and raise children at will, travel alone. So much of it appears unattainable to women in other parts of the world.

Yet, every woman in the West in business or politics has a story to tell how she fought the system to move up the ladder. Depression and dissatisfaction and a feeling of being overwhelmed is common. Mental health issues are increasing.

As Dr. Claire Zammit identifies the issue, the norms of power are masculine. Hence the battle to reach there drains us out, and yet leaves us yearning for something else.


Power originates from within.

It is the force that gives us strength to live in the way we want, and make the world a better place.

The absence of power can enslave us to the will of others, and the whole battle of feminism is about not letting it happen.

If I had to sum it up in one sentence, it is the feeling of being in control of our own life.


Dorrit Karlsen, Co-founder of Fiery Females and a Leadership by Heart Coach says in her book “You are the Queen of your Kingdom”

I believe that the most important thing to remember is that only you are you, and only you know what’s right for you. As humans, we forget to listen, and we start looking for answers outside ourselves. 

We go to therapy instead of meditating and asking our own heart ‘what do I want?’ How can a therapist tell you what you want? That’s your job and your decision.

Further in the book, she says 

“Everything that you need is in your DNA. You just need to access it.

(An Aside in a lighter vein – the title of the book should have been “You are the Queen of your Queendom.” 🙂 )


So, pick up that crown and coronate yourself.

Assume the power you desire to have.

Take the decisions that need to be taken, for the deepest good of your self.

Lead the life you’ve always wanted to lead.

If you can, help others to gain this power and reach pinnacles of their existence.

Author: Reena Saxena

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Published by Fiery Females

Fiery Females is an initiative to help women Be and Become

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