Have you attended an alumni meet after decades?

There are some who are doing what they started out with, and look older, but elegant versions of themselves. We pat their shoulders with a “Good old Olive. You always trust her to be the friend she has been.”

Then, we come across those who have re-invented themselves in their careers and look considerably different. It could be the hair or figure that becomes a focal point, just because it has changed.

“Hey, buddy… tell us more about the things you are up to.”

She has an eager audience surrounding her, lapping up every word of her story.


We don’t notice the number of trees on the sides of the road, till they are cut to make way for new construction. The environmentalists wake up after that. The motorists dream of a broader road to drive on, and less traffic jams.

We’ve all cribbed about the traffic every day, but never spared a thought for the trees.

Some people are happy with a signature style. Let a part of it always remain, but change other elements. Stay with the new signature style for sometime. You will manage to look a class apart from the crowds, and retain individuality.


Because women are burdened more with imposed role expectations.

Break out of the mould. Display new aspects. Show your potential and your worth.

Ask for a new assignment.

Take up a new course.

It is the only way to be taken seriously. It is the only way to indulge in interesting conversation with the same old crowd.

There are people around me whom I call “cassette players”. They keep repeating the same stories. I know what is the response this sentence of mine will draw, so I choose to stay quiet. It kills communication.

Since the people are family, I spent time to figure out why they are whatever they are. The only reason I found was a lack of new inputs. They choose to meet the same people, watch the same TV channels, interact on Facebook with a close circle of friends and life ends there. How do you get new stories to talk about? If you get them, the old ones automatically get weeded out to make space.

It is as simple as that.

Make way for the new … renewal, reinvention, recreation all take care of themselves.


It keeps people on their toes, as they ‘expect the unexpected.’

I saw a 61 year old actress show she can sing. Nobody knew about that talent before.

Posting pictures on social media, of something people did not know about you attracts attention.

A post saying “Learning something new” with a Zoom screenshot, or the page of a book shows your personality in a positive way, more than holiday pictures.

Dress in a different manner, and watch the conversation flow.


Profound change happens slowly, and we are unaware of the process, the daily accretion of thin layers that keeps changing our psyche.

People will know it only when you deliver a TedX Talk, write a book or launch a new initiative.

These are all great ways of relaunching yourself in the world.

But we need not wait for all this to happen to re-invent ourselves.

Make those teeny-weeny changes frequently, that leave people gasping for more.

Having people look up in expectation is POWER.

And that is what we have been talking about for the last two weeks.

Author: Reena Saxena

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Published by Fiery Females

Fiery Females is an initiative to help women Be and Become


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