POWER LAW 4 – Let the other person come to you

Politics is entirely about power – gaining it and retaining it, winning it back again if lost.

Corporates do have a business to run, and products or services to sell. But the most important lessons about power emanate from corporate corridors.

A new president who had just taken charge invited an alliance partner for a meeting. We used to sell their products for a fee. He asked for the fee to be doubled immediately, or threatened to find other partners. 

Doubling fee is not a mean task, so the guy proceeded to open his laptop to show calculations. The President barked,

“Don’t open your harmonium here. I give you 5 minutes to go out and speak to your boss. If your answer is No, the person from the rival company is waiting outside.”

The tone was exceptionally rude and brusque, but the agreement was renewed at an enhanced fee on the same day.

When I saw him rock his high-backed plush chair and inform the MD in glee, I wondered if he could have pulled this off in the alliance partner’s office. To date, I’m not aware if he has ever visited a client or partner’s office. 

Opinions on the personality can vary, but I learnt the importance of being on one’s own territory.

What happens when you take a guest along to your regular afternoon tea parties, and introduce her to the group? Conversation centres around her, or telling her about your group activities. Effortlessly, she becomes the star of the show.

A rare appearance is valued more than the regulars.


  1. Being ignored because you are asking or hanging around too often is not good for your self-esteem. The mental stories you tell yourself are different. You wonder what’s lacking in your approach or offering, that nobody is interested.

Your thoughts have taken a negative turn. Relationships are damaged.

2. You keep applying for jobs or assignments, but receive no response. One fine day, a recruiter who has seen your work and contributions on public platforms calls to ask if you would like to take up an assignment.

The chances of getting the job or assignment are equal on both sides. It is related to what you offer and expect, market conditions and if all factors meet at some point. It is not related to who approached whom first. But your attitude and tone in dealing with it will differ considerably.

When you see others asking you about you, the mental stories change. You are the achiever protagonist in your story.

3. It helps immensely when you need to negotiate something. Do your homework before the meeting, but stay comfortable on home ground.

Power is not a gift from others. It is about how you see and carry yourself.


Use common social media platforms. Let the message go across, without addressing someone directly.

Show, don’t tell.

Author: Reena Saxena

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