The Fitting Challenge

“It tastes heavenly, but this is not the traditional recipe.” The mix of approval and disapproval in her expression is priceless.

“I tweak recipes everyday, because I don’t like food from graveyards. Those recipes were invented and perfected by people long gone. Food needs to be alive like me – thinking, changing, evolving and just the right fit for today’s moods.”

My aunt looks disgusted with “food from graveyards.”

“We need to respect our heritage.”

“By all means, I do improvise on heritage. Just don’t ask me to fit into old dresses or old lifestyles. You will always be disappointed.”

The video that Charli shares is inspiring.

Author: Reena Saxena

Published by Fiery Females

Fiery Females is an initiative to help women Be and Become

14 thoughts on “The Fitting Challenge

  1. I feel this deeply. Being the first generation born here, old cultures and beliefs were the driving force behind every one of my relatives’ lives. It’s stifling. Especially when those ways are taught to be the only way. Growth and change are vital if we seek to make a positive impact on the future. Powerful writing, Reena!

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