Hopes dashed

The curtain seems to be dropping on the lives of Afghan women left behind in Afghanistan. They are not allowed to work in mixed-sex workplaces. They’ve been asked to stay home till normalcy is restored. I wonder if the corona virus is less fatal than this kind of a lockdown.

starting the week right
it's Monday like none before
hopes dashed forever
relegated to dark homes
no workplace accepts women




Published by Fiery Females

Fiery Females is an initiative to help women Be and Become

15 thoughts on “Hopes dashed

    1. Thank you, Colleen! There is a generation there brought up in liberal Afghanistan. How will they cope up?

      Here in India, I see a fear psychosis that this is what happens if certain fundamentalist sects are encouraged. It will lead to a growing divide everywhere in the world. How will the enlightened ones prove that they are not terrorists or fanatics?

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  1. This is indeed the saddest reality. This is worst than the lockdown we’ve been subjected to.
    We gotta pray that those men awaken soon. They only know what they know. We need them to wake up. For the sake of everyone. Particularly, for our sisters. May this be so.


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