What is the status of women in society?

My regular readers know that I usually write uplifting posts, meant to inspire people and to give them hope. But the recent events in my country Pakistan have made me write this post. 

If you’re from Pakistan, you probably are aware of the recent wave of crimes against women in my country. If you aren’t, these incidents may have made news in your part of the world, or may not have. 

Brutal murder of Noor Mukadam;

Noor Mukadam’s last hours were terror-filled. Beaten repeatedly, the 27-year-old jumped from a window but was dragged back, beaten again and finally beheaded. A childhood friend has been charged with her killing.

The gruesome death last week in an upscale neighborhood of the Pakistani capital, Islamabad, is the latest in a series of attacks on women in Pakistan, where rights activists say such gender-based assaults are on the rise.


Landowner murders his wife, mother of four

HYDERABAD: A landowner, Umar Memon, who also runs a car business, was arrested on Friday on the charges of killing his wife, Quratul Ain alias Aini Buledi, at their home in Barrage Colony during the previous night. 

The complainant alleged that his sister, mother of four, was beaten up and then throttled to death by Umar Memon.


Minar-e-Pakistan incident;

VIDEO of a woman being assaulted by a crowd of men during Independence Day celebrations near Minar-i-Pakistan has shaken citizens to the core. Clips of the incident, now viral on social media, are unbearable to watch. The woman is assaulted, manhandled and groped by scores of men, with some unabashedly filming the crime. The men are brazen and ruthless. The complainant says she was attacked by nearly 400 men, some of whom scaled the enclosures to attack her and rip her clothes off.

Dawn newspaper 

What I think and want to write about these incidents you can well imagine how my blood boils and I feel such a tremendous amount of anger. 

It’s not only in Pakistan that there are crimes committed against women but all over the globe. The difference here is that there is apathy in many sections of our society. If it’s not happening to you or your loved ones, keep quiet, don’t discuss it. The culprits often go unpunished and if they are apprehended, the law takes years to dole out punishment to them, which is often way less than what they deserve. 

The process of law is badly flawed and there is very little support, actual support provided to the victims. The political hierarchy of different parties issue statements and hold press conferences. But on the ground, few are willing to provide solid support to them. In these circumstances, many abused women don’t even come forward to report the crimes committed against them. 

We need to find solutions to rectify this downward moral trend of our society. 

Awareness to both men and women regarding their rights and available resources in case of abuse, domestic or criminal. 

Educating men about values and ethics on how to treat women, wives, and daughters. It is so painful to admit that despite being a Muslim country, where the religion stresses so much on giving respect and protection to women, our people, especially men are acting in a diametrically opposite manner

Speaking up and protesting against these incidents because we need to let the victims know that they are not alone

Setting up NGOs to help victims fight their legal battles. Free services of lawyers and legal experts should be provided so that the victims can gain their rights. 

Remove the stigma that exists in the society against women who speak up and report these crimes. Families often disown women who report domestic abuse. This needs to change, and women should be free to come forward and report abuse. 

I hope that this post can create some awareness and maybe we can move in a positive direction to solve these issues. 



Author: Sadje

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57 thoughts on “What is the status of women in society?

    1. A brilliantly thought-provoking post, I must say. There is so much that happens but is hidden from the media. The ones that come to light, however, are not taken seriously because of this disastrous attitude of the common people “who cares when it’s not you or your family? Stay mum and be dignified.” Such a shame! Thanks for writing about this!

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      1. Thank you Sam. I needed to write about it so that at least I can say to my conscience that I tried. More awareness is needed to address these issues. This keeping quiet has eroded our values tremendously

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      1. Apathy of both genders and the male dominance perpetuated for centuries! Drastic changes in thinking are required. To be very honest nothing seems to work whether it candle marches, NGOs, petitions, laws and whatnot. The thinking has to change and that is difficult to achieve.

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        1. You’re absolutely right Punam. The only solution is that women grow stronger with each other’s support. Men have their egos pushing us down and we need to show them that together we can be stronger

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            1. Exactly, the second point is so important. But we also need to train the male members of our family to respect women, irrespective of their station in life.

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          1. This was a story (Mirch Masala) where a Collector fancies a village woman. The Panchayat or something decides that she needs to go to the Collector, to save the village from his wrath. She hides in a spice factory where she works. Scroll to end and watch it, if 9 minutes are too long.

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            1. I think it was the treatment he deserved. And it just portrays the mindset of powerful men in both our countries. The performance by late Ms Patel was wondering as she didn’t utter a word. Thanks for sharing. If only women had such guts to face their abusers everywhere.

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  1. What I don’t understand is that women are the ones who bring new life into the world – is that not a reason to honour and cherish them? Don’t get me wrong, misogyny is a problem everywhere.

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    1. Men felt threatened by that power in the stone ages, and decided to subdue women. Till then, they had not realised their own role due to the time gap.

      Then, came the competition on whose child the woman will bear. In some cultures, a widow was married off to another man in the same family, coz the woman, her children were seen as ‘property’. Inheritance would go out, if a widow with kids remarried someone outside.

      Being seen as a reproducing machine to perpetuate their genes hasn’t helped much.

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  2. Sadly, gender-based violence is a huge issue in South Africa. The femicide rate that is five times the global average. There has been lot of talk in government, little of which seems to have made much of a difference so far, although there are some very positive initiatives at ground level, in some places. Lockdowns and loss of employment has only made things worse and GBV has been described as a second pandemic here. So much more needs to be done.

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    1. Being the physically weaker sex is a gap we are not able to cover. Tact and smartness needed. If date rape drugs are used against women, why can’t men’s drinks be spiked? It depends on the situation. We have a saying “It takes iron to cut iron.”

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  3. Unfortunately, this has been going on for generations. It seems humans would have learned to be civilized by now. The mistreatment of any human being is disheartening but to mistreat a woman is cowardly. A well-written post, Sadje, and hopefully bringing awareness to situations such as you described will help us build a better future.

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    1. Yes Eugenia it has been going on for ages and the only difference is now the news travel faster. We get to know what’s happening across the world in moments. Striking or torturing a woman is indeed the most cowardly act a man can commit. It is immensely disturbing. Thanks my friend.

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  4. Thank you for giving a voice to things that all women in Pakistan are feeling right now.
    Violence against women , horrific in every case, becomes even more terrifying when it is perpetrated by those who are supposed to provide security and shelter.

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    1. You remind me of a song which says “What happens to the boat, if the boatman decides to sink it?” Let us stop being inanimate boats which need a driver or caretaker. It is time for martial arts to be made compulsory for girls in school.

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  5. There was yet another savage murder of a woman la few days ago, perpetrated by her boyfriend. The details are too horrible to share. She was about to qualify as a lawyer.

    There was a new slogan posted too, aimed at men. Be the man people run to, not the man people run away from.’

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  6. I am interested in knowing what kind of support violent men get from women in their families when they oppress other women.

    I suspect that there is some given that I see that here in India very often. And maybe if it is so, that’s a place to work on.

    Because something is very wrong within a family that creates violent people and that needs to be addressed too, to bring lasting changes.


  7. Sadje, a very disturbing post! Discrimination against women and abuse is a worldwide problem, but what you are describing seems very widespread, not just an isolated incident here and there.

    The women’s movement in the US and Britain many years ago won rights and freedoms for women, but it was not an easy fight. Women in Britain were jailed and force-fed, threw themselves in front of racehorses, and endured insults as they marched for women’s rights. American women also marched and held meetings. Women had some men who supported their cause.

    There has been a lot of progress, in many places, but women still need to fight for their rights. Even today in the US, there is an income disparity between men and women despite laws that mandate equal pay for equal work. And yes, there is some discrimination, and there are still some crimes against women and girls.

    I wish the women of India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and worldwide all the best as they fight for their rights and for the respect they deserve.

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