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Sita and Mareech

(Background : Ramayana has a story on how the ‘golden deer’ Mareech entices the protagonist Sita, and the chain of events leads to her stepping out of the security zone. She is then kidnapped by Raavan, and the act of her rescue leads to an epic war. Here, the deer Mareech returns to meet Sita, after she has been abandoned by her husband)

“So, today, you come in your honest, original form, without the golden skin. You are welcome, if you have realised your folly. I can see how frightened you are, without the political support you once enjoyed. You have witnessed the mass destruction that a single act of yours caused.

But, Mareech, that single act of yours opened up a world of discovery for me.

I walked out of a royal palace to the forests, to prove my love, but could not resist a golden skin that could have adorned my humble abode. Glitter and Glamor never lose their hold on the human mind.

Laxman ignored his own assessment of the situation, and chose to act as a loyal soldier to his brother and sister-in-law. Unquestioning Loyalty led to disaster.

An accomplished scholar like Ravan, gave in to an ego battle and the instinct of revenge. He was in a process of experimenting with his self. He tested his power at every step, be it an act of deception, war or self-control. But, the Master Manipulator underestimated betrayal from his own kith and kin. Spiritually, he had surrendered to the Higher Power, conceded defeat. In the outer world, he fought the battle to the end, as a King’s duty called for. Most of us mortal beings fall into this slot.

And my husband, the esteemed Lord Ram …. He was perhaps, tired of role-playing and being good. There was immense conflict between his roles as the ideal ruler, warrior, son, husband and father. He fought his internal battles for several years, and then caved in under pressure. Was it only the washerman’s remarks on his wife’s purity, or a validation of his own suspicion, that led to the Desertion? The conflict between values, beliefs, instincts and behaviour is Eternal, and will continue to be the canvas for several more Epics to be written.

Mareech, please enter this world with full consciousness. This is a dark place that I have chosen to shield me from my past. The stained glass in the window depicts distortion of reality. The world will see you, as they wish to see. My feline companion is my window to the outer world. She is alert, realistic, self-oriented and protects me from the ravages of idealism. It is not an easy place to be in.

I have accepted myself as I am, and do not let the judgement and expectations of others affect me. If you are willing to partner me on this path, bereft of all illusions and shiny exteriors, you are most welcome, my dear friend! The journey had started with you.”

Author: Reena Saxena

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