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Are you in Awe of Money?

Does money inspire awe in you? So much that you think you won’t be able to handle it.

I handled the remittance of cash from a bank branch to a currency chest in my salad days in banking.

Cash was a commodity to be carefully ferried from one point to another.

Cash was meant to be counted, tallied, checked, signed and handed over to someone else.

It was a responsibility, a fear, a security risk.

Somehow, I was never in awe of cash. I never felt ‘so much money’ …. it was my responsibility, not my asset.

The zeroes on paper or computer screens kept growing. The last business book I handled was INR 6000,00,00,000.00. Ten zeroes after six… I saw the figures moving up, moving down and understood the transience of money. There was euphoria, only when we met or surpassed targets. Else, the lack of zeroes was a matter of concern, a fear of being rebuked in the next review call.

I read about the amounts celebrities spend on their upkeep, and the only thought is “Well, if I’ve that kind of money, I’d do it too. I’m not doing bad for what is in my possession or power.”

It’s not “What will I do if I had that kind of money?” I know exactly what I will do – with what I have now, or are likely to have in future.

Think of money as a means to an end. It is meant to serve you. You don’t serve money.

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