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Women in the WorkPlace – What they Want

I remember attending a women’s conference organised by a trade union long back. They were scouting around for new members, and saw this as a ‘en bloc’ target market.

The question was raised, “What do Women Want?”

Unfortunately, answers revolved around a demand for various concessions, in view of their dual role as bread-earners and homemakers. They did not come across as ambitious, career-conscious women, just people out to earn a living,

I don’t know if I imagined sniggers on the faces of men, or was it really happening? Women had lost an opportunity to make their presence felt as serious professionals.

The battle gets harder as time moves on. Erasing impressions and changing mindsets continues to be an ongoing struggle.

I see chilled work zones – temperatures in the workplace adjusted to male comfort, and women being asked to cover up with stoles or jackets. Men do not venture to take off their jackets. The majority has a say.

Women are not being counted as equals, or the ones whose opinion matters. A few women who make it to the top are celebrated, and the job is done after paying tributes. Those who make it are compelled to start thinking like men, and label it a requirement of their professional role. They are executives, so they can’t look beyond balance sheets to create a gender-neutral and congenial work atmosphere.

The majority remains unseen, unheard. ‘Take it or leave it’ situations are created.

Here is a recent article which looks at the role of women as leaders in the workplace. I share the insights on how things are progressing in the right direction. It may yet be a long way to go.

Leading Effectively

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9 thoughts on “Women in the WorkPlace – What they Want

      1. Yes that’s true, but there are factors that reduce the income of self employed women. I feel focusing on these might provide better options and more bargaining power to women. And education on finance management to women.

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