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BOOK REVIEW – You are the Queen of your Kingdom

As Dorrit Karlsen says in her promos, she is learning how to brag. And we at Fiery Females are bragging too. 

Dorrit Karlsen happens to be the co-founder of Fiery Females and a Leadership by Heart Coach. Fiery Females is fiercely proud of Dorrit Karlsen.

Now, about the book.

Dorrit Karlsen emerged into queendom after a breakdown she suffered from overwork. In her own words, she was existing, not living. Enlightenment struck when she landed in hospital.

The book is about her life. Yet, it cannot be termed as an autobiography or memoir, as she distils lessons for womanhood from her own experience. 

It is short. It is succinct. It talks about always being in control, which is the essence of being a queen. Her various roles in life as a mother, grandmother, wife, dog-lover and professional coach all blend into each other seamlessly, as she applies her learning in one sphere to other parts.


1. Love is not enough. Love is like a fire which needs to be fuelled constantly with caring, understanding and several small things.

2. All that we need to know is in our DNA.

3. Everyone has value. We are all here for a purpose, and to help each other.

4. You need to be in control, not only for the self, but to give others a quintessential sense of security in being around you.

5. One needs to give in wholeheartedly to a cause, but be willing to let go when the time arrives.

Read the book for more…

The book is available on Amazon

You are the Queen of Your Kingdom by Dorrit Karlsen

Author: Reena Saxena

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