She believes she is alone

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the woman there - believes she is alone
disconnected from the sisterhood
she atones for sins not committed
she suffers to uphold the non-existent

disconnected from the sisterhood
there’s so much venom flying around
she draws into a shell that hurts, but yet…

she atones for sins not committed
she sees mirrors carrying an alien face
her identity needs resurrection, not the soul

she suffers to uphold the non-existent
shed the burden - it’s someone else’s esteem
Run for life … just go, go, go …don’t scream

By Reena Saxena

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Published by Empowered Women

Empowered Women is an initiative to help women Be and Become

15 thoughts on “She believes she is alone

    1. I believe the Divide-and-Rule policy has been applied by creating power equation divides and giving unequal rights in families – in-laws, wives in a polygamous environment, mother of a son vs mother of daughters. If the women had no axes to grind against each other, and came together, it would spell trouble for the men.

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  1. That is a toxic environment which can alienate someone who feels disconnected from the sisterhood. Running away may be an option. But so is fighting for truth.

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  2. Reena,
    Such a pointed rebuke of the concept of sisterhood when it clashes with reality. It’s hard to hear the hurt, disappointment, frustration, and betrayal that the persona suffers under. Great use of the trimeric form to convey it.


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