Lipstick Power

I see cosmetic companies disposing off stocks of lip colors, because covid masks have taken away power of the lips.

But we are interacting online more than ever, and what does a person see? Your face and shoulders.

The designer outfit, killer heels and fancy handbag are conspicuous by their absence. When was the last time you used these much-coveted, expensive items?

If we are talking about the face, can lips be far behind?

Sounds a bit OTT (over the top) ! But these words were not spoken at birth. This is the experience of a woman culled over the years, that makes her espouse the cause. Red is for everybody, if coordinated properly. And all those who deride women wearing it, are the ones that envy the confidence of the woman.

I read and hear all the advocates of carefully constructed nude lips, and the gender-neutral advocates who want to look asexual and just SIGH ! They have not discovered the power of this small tube of colour, in lifting a woman’s looks and confidence. The following pics will speak.

See how a face of the same shape changes with a single dab of color!

Lipstick is to a woman, what a necktie is to a man

1. Advantage of Position

Lips are placed at the center of the face, slightly raised, and are the center of attention, as you speak. They enhance the natural symmetry of the face. A man’s outfit is enhanced with a necktie, with this central placement, and a lipstick does the same to your face.

2. Advantage of Color

Not all lips are rosy and pink. And those that are, have a color close to the skin tone. Skin tone can only be evened out with foundation, the nose can be lifted by contouring, but lips can carry color to emphasize the outline. And all in a single stroke !

3. Advantage of Expression

The color of the lipstick can be coordinated with the clothes, to lend a finished look. The texture (glossy, matte or velvety) speaks a lot about the age, taste and personality of the woman wearing it.

  • A Matte finish shows a professional, no-nonsense look.
  • Glossy lips show a young-at-heart, vibrant personality, and hence, are considered appropriate for the evening.
  • A velvety finish shows a love for luxury.

4. Advantage of Cover

Lips need to be kept soft and supple, but lipstick covers up discoloured or pale lips, which would otherwise draw negative attention.

5. Advantage of being a booster

Research says that the sale of lipsticks goes up, during a recession. Since women cannot buy expensive stuff, they buy affordable lip colours to give their spirits a boost. No man will ever understand this.


  1. Young women, who have naturally bright complexions, and do not need a lift. Lipstick might give them a older and mature look. The solution is to go light, with a hint of colour or shine.
  2. Women, who are temperamentally sedate, or in professions, where they do not wish to draw too much attention, to themselves.
  3. Mature women need to avoid maroon, dark brown, violet etc, since it creates a hackneyed look. Pop shades in lighter colours are fine.
  4. Athletes who are displaying qualities and toned body parts, other than the face. They can easily go without lipstick.


  1. Daily dabs of lip balm, maybe 2-3 times in a day.
  2. Glycerine or olive oil, mixed with granular sugar for exfoliation.

Not very expensive or elaborate or time consuming ? Everybody can do it.

To sum it up, I love this quote from the much envied and admired and despised Twiggy. It sums up life for the mature woman, not willing to take a backseat in the twilight years.

For me, getting older does not mean throwing out a favourite pair of lipstick, or a fabulous pair of boots ; instead it is about harnessing all the great things I have learnt over the years, over what suits or does not suit me, and enjoying the bits in which cleverly selected outfits an enhance the nice bits.

Author: Reena Saxena

Published by Fiery Females

Fiery Females is an initiative to help women Be and Become

3 thoughts on “Lipstick Power

  1. Great post, Reena! Okay, so I don’t wear lipstick under my mask, but I always felt it was a key part of my corporate uniform, along with the suit. A classic red lipstick. Hey, watch my lips, I’m talking to you!


    1. Of course! I looked for transparent masks online, then realised they won’t protect to the required extent. Lipsticks are being sold cheap on sale here, perhaps, due to reduced demand.

      I guess women will overbuy when they can breathe free again 🙂


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